Privacy Policy

We use an online database which is password protected and a hosted by a reputable company, who are also GDPR compliant.

For customers who contract Elsie B Ltd for Sales and Marketing Support, your data is added to our database and only used by us to contact you and held only as a record of activity until no longer required for accounting purposes.

With regard to dealing with customers, potential and existing for Feria de Madrid, it is necessary for us to add business contact details to our database. We never share data with third parties but if you are an exhibitor at Feria de Madrid, in processing your registration form for a trade fair we may need to pass your form completed by you with your contact details in it to our colleagues and principle in Spain IFEMA.

In our database we hold business/trade contact information (company name, address, website, e-mail and direct e-mails and direct lines) of people and companies who exhibit at or visit events organised by Feria de Madrid (IFEMA) in Madrid and worldwide and also the VAT numbers of exhibiting companies. We also hold contact information for people and companies who have legitimate interest in our events and facilities. We define legitimate interest as companies or people who have already expressed an interest in an event or a  similar event taking place at the Madrid Trade Fair Centre (Feria de Madrid), or are exhibiting at events in the same industry/sector in the UK and abroad. We take great pains to research the people we contact and before they are contacted we evaluate whether the company takes part in relevant exhibitions, whether they operate outside the UK and in Europe, whether they have distributors in other countries, whether they have translated their websites etc. Companies are then contacted by phone and/or e-mail to gauge their level of interest and are asked specifically if they would like to continue receiving the information by e-mail and if they want to be contacted by phone. We do our best to ensure we take a non-invasive consultative sales approach and contact people as we would want to be contacted.

If a company unsubscribes from our mailing list following an e-shot they are removed immediately and will not be contacted again for a given event, but may be kept on for other events of interest unless they specify that they do not want any information about any event.

There are clear links to unsubscribe and be removed from our e-shots in our e-mail signature as well as a link to view our policy on GDPR.

If you have any questions about how we handle your data, please do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]